Army Corps of Engineers proposes flood wall to fortify Miami-Dade coastline

MIAMI. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is studying how to fortify Miami-Dade County’s coastline from the reality of rising seas and, as part of a more than $4 billion plan, has proposed a flood wall running parallel to Miami’s waterfront. (

“There’s a huge detrimental economic and environmental impact to downtown,” said Neil Schafers, senior manager of planning, resilience and transportation at the Miami Downtown Development Authority (DDA).

According to Schafers, it’s an ominous eye soar threatening property values, quality of life, the tourism industry and the environment.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to try and mitigate issues like coast storm surge and sea-level rise, so we don’t want to miss out on this opportunity,” he said.

The DDA created their own renderings, showing alternative nature-based solutions, like living shorelines.

The city of Miami also passed a related resolution sponsored by Commissioner Manolo Reyes.

“This replica of the Berlin wall they want to build around Biscayne Boulevard and Brickell Avenue — that will not be acceptable,” Reyes said.

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